Administrative Responsibilities


  1. Chairperson, Committee of Academic Programs, DMS, IIT Delhi (2019- Current)
  2. Chairperson, Alumni Relations, DMS, IIT Delhi (2018-Current)
  3. Member, Academic Innovation and Strategy Committee (2019-Current)
  4. Coordinator, Media Committee, DMS, IIT Delhi (2015-2019)
  5. Chairperson, Placements Committee, DMS, IIT Delhi (2016-2018)
  6. Coordinator: Executive MBA (Technology Management), DMS, IIT Delhi (2014-2017)
  7. Coordinator, Corporate Sector Attachment, DMS, IIT Delhi (2016-2018)
  8. PRO-Outreach, Ranking and Information Officer, DMS, IIT Delhi (2015-2019)
  9. In-charge, Strategic Management and Competitiveness Lab, DMS, IIT Delhi (2015-Current)
  10. Director, GIFT School of Strategic Alliances Management (2016-Current)
  11. Associate Editor: Global Journal of Flexible Systems Management (Springer Publication) (2014-Current)
  12. Editor: Global Journal of Business Excellence (e-journal of GIFT Society Publishing) (2016-Current)